Top Tips For Buying Great Toys For Your Kids

Lego Taj MahalIf you need a toy for your child, but you are not sure what to get, fret not. It is a very common dilemma among parents. When shopping for toys, you want to ensure that they are safe and practical for your child’s age group. Ask yourself “is this something that my child will actually sit and play with or will they just throw it in the corner and never take it up again?”

Luckily, today we will be suggesting some good gift ideas for toys that you can get for your children.

Unit Blocks – Good old fashioned unit blocks made of wood are always a great gift option for younger kids. Not only do they keep them occupied for hours, but they also stimulate brain activity when they use their imagination to build things.

  1. Lego – If you are shopping for boys then this will a perfect gift. Lego is not only entertaining, but it also encourages the development of refined motor skills, imagination and creativity.
  2. Baby Dolls and a Few Basic Changes of Clothing – When shopping for girls, you can never go wrong with cute dolls and a few extra doll outfits. It doesn’t have to be anything flashy, just something sturdy and cute enough to withstand the pressures of an excited and curious child.

Try to avoid dolls that are animated, they generally tend to stop working really quickly especially when put in battle with an excited child. So, try to get the cute inanimate dolls that will allow you to change their clothes and comb their hair easily. This will not only entertain your child, but also teach them a sense of style.

  1. Child Friendly Kitchen Stuff and Toolboxes – Whether you are shopping for a boy or a girl, you cannot go wrong with a kitchen set or a fun toolbox. You will need to know the child you are shopping for. Are they often curious as to how you cook certain items? Are they good with their hands? Do they like to build stuff? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you should go ahead and freely purchase any of these two items as they are booth good options for you.
  2. Dress-Up Kits – If the child you are shopping for is very imaginative or even has a favourite television character, then you may consider buying them a dress up kit. These kits come equipped with costumes of princesses, pirates, scarves, glasses, hats, animal printed masks, leotards and much more.

You can even consider buying the costumes that they like separately and making your own custom kit. Creativity is contagious; be creative and encourage your child to be too.

  1. Toys That Encourage Art and Crafts – Consider getting your child play dough, finger paint and cookie cutters, scrap books, colouring books, chunky crayons and even coloured paper.

This will encourage your children to embrace their creativity and imagination and express it freely. As they grow older, you can start getting them glue, age appropriate scissors, glitter, paint brushes, canvases, clay and other things that will allow them to be creative and entertained at the same time.

Lindsey has worked as a nursery school teacher for many years and with four children of her own, understands the important of buying quality toys. She is also very aware of just how expensive a process this can be. Thus, she always recommends shopping at, as bargains can always be found.