How Tiger Mamas Teach Reading

School Construction Funding AnnouncementTiger mothers have earned a reputation for being strict with their child rearing. These mothers continue to push their child to achieve high levels academically, and they don’t seem to care what they have to do in order to make their child succeed.

Most of the child rearing tactics used by tiger mothers today involve those that are typically found in China or East Asia. Due to the strong focus on education, tiger mothers have their own tactics for teaching their child the educational basics, including reading. The following are four ways tiger mothers teach reading.

1. They use shame.

Tiger mothers focus their teaching methods on shame. They want their child to be perfect, and they will do everything they can to shame their child into believing they’re no good unless they’re the best. For example, tiger mothers will tell their child that they’re no good or worthless unless they master reading. These mothers want their preschoolers to read at a high school level, and they will continue to degrade their child until he or she performs up to the mother’s standards.

2. They focus solely on education.

Most tiger mothers put a huge emphasis on education to the point where their children are not allowed to have play dates or enroll in any fun activities. Tiger mothers only allow their children to spend their days learning. These children will not be able to spend time with friends, attend sleepovers, go to birthday parties or even join any groups or clubs that are not educational.

3. They eliminate fun.

With tiger mamas, education is all about practice, practice, practice. While some parents may try to make reading fun for their child by using interactive models or games, tiger mamas do not. There are no games to be played that help the child learn to read. There are no songs or fun activities. Instead, children are simply taught to recognize sight words, and they practice these sight words non-stop. In fact, tiger mothers may dedicate eight straight hours to teaching their child to read.

Sight words refer to teaching a child to recognize a word on its own. For example, tiger mothers will teach their child to recognize the word DOG and understand its meaning instead of trying to decipher the letters and sounds. This way, when the child sees the word DOG, they will know what it is without having to stop to recognize the letters and then sound the word out. This type of teaching method is known to help the child better comprehend what they’re reading instead of spend too much time on the words themselves.

4. They expect quick results.

Tiger mothers don’t want their child to learn how to read on their own time. Instead, they want their child to show results right away. Some tiger mothers will require their child to learn how to read within a few hours, and they will shame and punish their child until they fulfill the goal.

Louise Robbins is a retired elementary school librarian turned freelance writer. Louise volunteers at her local Latch-Key programs where she spends time teaching children to read.