Baby Showers

Three Practical Baby Shower Gifts

Parents to BeWhen your friend is having a baby you want to help them prepare for their new arrival. You’ve helped her shop for prenatal vitamins, you found her the perfect invitations for her party, and you’re beyond excited for your friend to open your gift at the shower. You don’t want to buy your friend something that’s cute or expensive, but not very practical or useful. Bronzed baby shoes, expensive designer outfits, and joke gifts may be fun to open but their usefulness disappears after everybody has had a good laugh. If you want to get your friend a gift you know she’ll love and use, read this article for some useful gift ideas.

Car Seats

Running errands with a baby can be stressful for parents. Along with worrying about having everything you need and making sure the baby is ready, parents often worry about their car being safe enough for their children. Some people debate the usefulness of car seats for children above the age of four, but car seats are an absolutely must for babies. Skip the car seats with the cute and colorful designs and pick one based off of its durability and safety features. Since there’s nothing worse than running late for an event and trying to wrestle with your baby’s car seat, you should also try to find a model that makes it easy to put the baby in and out.

Baby Announcement Cards (and Help Filing Them Out)

It may seem a bit old fashioned, but sending friends and family members baby announcements is still popular among new parents. Some choose to mail them the traditional way and others choose to send them via e-mail, but regardless of what your friend chooses you know that she’ll need some cute announcements to send her friends. After you find announcement cards or e-mail templates that you know she’ll love, take the gift a step further and offer to help her fill them out. After helping fill out all of her baby shower invitations you may feel reluctant to help, but your friend will be grateful for the stylish announcements and even more grateful for the help.

Activity Station

For the first few months your friend’s new baby will be happy rolling over and chewing on their fingers and toes, but eventually they’ll become more mobile and will need proper stimulation. An activity station will keep babies occupied and give their parents a bit of break entertaining their child. Try to pick a station that has bright colors and reflective surface to keep the baby interested and entertained.

Three Practical Baby Shower Gifts

By Jennifer De Shields