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Soft Play Centres Are A Great Source Of Winter Fun For Your Child

Kids Playing at Childrens Playground ShipIn the winter months it can be difficult for children to use up all of their excess energy because the poor weather often means they have to stay indoors. However, there are still ways that they can run and play to their hearts content at this time of year, like an afternoon at a soft play centre for example.

Soft play centres are great for kids of all ages (and even adults) as they offer children the chance to play in an environment which is safe and fun. They can provide a whole day of entertainment for your little one or just an hour of excitement to wear them out at the end of the day. It’s important that you find the perfect soft play centre for you and your child, though. Here are a few things to look out for which are the sign of a great, kid-friendly play area.

A Seat With A View –

As a parent, it can be difficult to look on from the sidelines whilst your child is off playing on their own or with a friend, and so it’s best to find somewhere that has a great parent viewing area. You need to be able to see them wherever they are so that if there’s anything you need to deal with you can know straight away. It’s no good if the seating area is on a different level to the main play zone as this will mean it takes you much longer to get down the stairs and carryout your role as chief ouch-healer.

Safety First –

Obviously you will want to know that any play area has safety as their priority concern and this should be clear from the types of materials being used. Safety surfaces, such as these, should be present on the floor so that any potentially nasty falls are cushioned and injuries are therefore kept to a minimum. You should also check that there are no sharp, exposed corners on any of the equipment and all hard materials used for the climbing frame structure are covered with soft furnishings.

Another thing to be wary of is where the first aid area is. There should hopefully be plenty of supervision from qualified members of staff and a clearly marked place where first aid can be carried out if needed.

Something For Everyone –

If you are planning on spending a big part of your day at the soft play centre then you need to ensure that there is plenty to keep your little ones interested; especially if they are of different ages. Whilst one may be quite content with lounging in the ball pool; the other may want to swing like a monkey from the rafters, and therefore it’s best to find somewhere with a variety of different equipment.

It’s also great if there are separate areas for younger and older kids to play in so that there’s less chance your child will have to deal with children that want to maybe play a bit rough. If you’re lucky there will even be an area made especially for adults so that you can make an effort to join in with the fun.

A Healthy Menu –

Taking your children to a soft play centre is a healthy experience as well as a fun one; they get to run around and learn the importance of an active life style and they also get to socialise with other children of the same age. So therefore it would be ideal if the food options on the menu were healthy too. If the café is offering some great meals for children and adults then you know they have really considered the needs of their customers.

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Chris Mayhew has fond memories of running around on indoor play areas when he was younger. He would urge that anyone taking their children to one of these ensures that it has safety surfacing from a company such as Smith Brothers.