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I Need Birthday Party Ideas For A Small Budget

When it comes to our children, we should spare no expense. However, sometimes life gets in the way of things. No matter how much we want to pamper and spoil them, unexpected bills, cost of living, loss of a job, and numerous other things can easily wind up putting the brakes on any extravagant birthday party that you may have planned. Even though you are on a budget, it doesn’t mean that your kid has to suffer. You can give them one of the best parties of their life if you can find a few ways to cut some of the expense on the event that you have planned. While these ideas will not allow for a completely free birthday party, they will help you save a few dollars here and there and hopefully add to the excitement of the celebration.3835930682_be34b1b5ce_b

Making your own invitations is a good way to save money on your party. First, use things that you have sitting around the house such as construction paper and markers. If you don’t have these things around the house, then you obviously don’t have kids. Use glitter and glue to help spruce things up a bit and let your child decorate construction paper to their heart’s content. The invitations will be personable and your child will feel accomplished for helping out. This will cut down on the cost for invitations as themed party invitations from your party store downtown can get pretty expensive and you have to purchase them in the specific quantities which is usually too few or too many.

Utilize your local dime or dollar store to purchase party supplies. This includes plates, napkins, cups, party poppers, candy, decorations, etc. The dollar store is a great source to purchase things to use at a birthday party. You will also possibly find things for the kids to do at the party such as wooden picture frames that they can paint or items to use for a scavenger hunt. Regardless of what you want to plan for the birthday party, the dollar store is one of your greatest resources if you want to spend less money planning the birthday.


When it comes to the party location, selecting your own house or the house of a relative is always the cheapest. You will not have to pay any money, but you will be at a location that a child may not feel is special as it is where they live and do their daily activities. Kids want to have something special and unique so moving the party away from the residence is always a good idea. In order to save money, you can check with your local church or community center (e.g., the YMCA) and see if they will rent out a room. Most of the time you will find you can get an affordable rate on an hourly rental. If you don’t way to pay any money but still want to celebrate away from the house, you can choose the local park to celebrate. Just make sure to follow the park rules on cooking (e.g. open flames) and cleanup.

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Carry Daniels is a DIY mom from West Virginia. She gives tips on raising children and saving money in the process.