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Nannies: Why Every Busy Mom Needs One

nannybabycareTimes have changed, childcare is no longer exclusively provided by the child’s mother and the family. This does not mean that moms are no longer concerned about taking care of their children themselves.

Nowadays, most children are left to the care of day care centers and nanny services because moms have their own obligations to fulfil. This is especially true with busy working moms who resort to employing babysitters so they can work or to moms who also have older children to attend to.

If you are a busy mom yourself and cannot personally care for your child due to your hectic schedule, you might want to consider hiring a sitter. Here are some of the top reasons why a babysitter or a nanny is a good option for you.

You will have time for yourself. If you’re a mom, you are your family’s main source of care, love and strength. In order to play that part, you need the energy to be able to cater to your family’s needs.

You cannot do all that when you’re always exhausted. Getting a nanny will give you the time to do the things you enjoy outside the responsibilities of your home such as; going out on a me day, meeting a friend for coffee, going to the salon, getting a massage, reading a book, or just sitting down and catching up on your favourite tv show.

These things will help you relax and regain your strength before going back to perform your mommy duties.

You can get stuff done. Having a nanny gives you the time to finish the chores you’ve been putting off because your child needs you 24/7.

With an extra set of hands, you have the time to organize the kitchen and closets, go to the drycleaner without rushing, repaint the walls the kids draw on, and best of all, you can work without distractions. Your errands can be done easily and in peace.

You can socialize. When was the last time you went out without a kid in tow? Having to take your child with you to meet and catch up with your friends won’t really be fun when you have your child to take care of.

Children will eventually get bored and will start to fuss, which means, you have to go home earlier than planned. When you a have a baby sitter, your child won’t have to tag along every time you go out to enjoy other grown-up’s company.

You can now attend social functions such as weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, Christmas parties and more. The list of social gatherings you’re most likely get invited to is long, maybe even endless. No longer will you have to say no because you have a nanny to provide the childcare for you.

You can attend to your older children’s needs. Having a child in the house takes precedence. If your baby has older siblings, their needs oftentimes, though unintentionally, have to come in second.

What if your older children have recitals, school programs, school meetings and other activities that require your attendance? You have to be there for them, too.

When you have a baby sitter to help you out, you won’t have to push aside these things because the sitter can stay home and provide childcare needs.

You can spend quality time with your husband or with your partner. Yes, date night! It’s essential to invest in your marriage or relationships. Once or twice a month, set time to dine in your favourite restaurant, or spend a day at the beach or maybe relax at the park with your significant other.

If you are a single, busy mommy, you can use this time to meet new and interesting people and have a good time.

You can catch up on work. It’s inevitable for your workload to pile up because you have no one to take care of your child.

You’ve fallen behind on deadlines and it would seem like you will never be able to catch up. Hiring a nanny will eventually help you finish your work you’ve decided to take home with you. Not only will you get your work done, you can do it in full concentration.

Being a mom is the toughest job in the world, and you deserve as many breaks as you can get. Having a trustworthy nanny to help you out will give you the time to care for yourself so you’ll have the energy to later on take care of your child and your family.

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Quida Canon became a working student, babysitter and housekeeper while in college. After she graduated a degree of Arts in Fullerton College, she writes for OC Nannies, a Los Angeles Nanny provider.