How To Keep Your Child Safe While Sending Them Back To School

JJ's Melt Nana's Heart and Pick Me Up FaceWhen the carefree summer comes to an end and the children rush back into school, they can take their whimsical nature of their summer activities into their schooling. This can be an issue, and lead to injuries, especially in regards to transportation like bicycles, buses and cars. The more strict safety regimes are usually forgotten over the summer months.

In this article we’re going to cover what you need to be doing in order to maintain your child’s safety and the main things you’ll need to keep an eye out for in regards to keeping them injury free.

What do I need to watch out for?

One of the main ways children get injured in in transportation to and from school, most likely this includes biking, walking or taking a motorized form of transportation. Sometimes motorists are distracted while driving, and if it’s the transition from summer back into school they are used to having emptier roads.

It’s important to educate your child on proper safety principles, and even walk them through the steps if you have to.

What safety processes should I educate my child on?

Depending on how they get to school, you will want to teach them the principles of safety that accompany that accompany that mode of transportation. For instance, if they bike to school you’ll want to ensure that they always use the bike lanes, wear their helmets, know all of the bicycle safety rules and how to execute them, know what sides of the road to bike on and lastly how to bike at a safe speed. Running through all of these will ensure your child has a safe ride to and from school.

If your child walks to school you’ll want to make sure that they know to use the sidewalks, and always to walk against traffic. Also, make sure they know to look both ways before crossing the street and never to run out into the road.

If your child takes the bus make sure they know how to safely enter and exit the bus, and to remain a safe distance from the curb whenever the bus is approaching, and the never walk close behind the bus. When riding the bus always listen to the bus driver and sit in your seat, and never hang outside of the windows.

If you end up driving your child to school make sure that you as a parent follow the rules of the road to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Besides the act of transportation to school, it helps if you tech your child to follow the directions of the teacher whenever possible so they don’t hurt themselves either in the classroom or during recess.

I hope this article has been helpful and you have a better understanding at how to keep your child safe when you’re sending them back to school. It also never hurts to educate your child on safety principles. By making these teachings become habits you’re child will remain safe even when they’re out of your watchful eye.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Alamo Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas. Zane thinks that his kids are going to be helicoptered over.