How To Get Away From The IPad Generation

4615332152_c3d04c7e6eTechnology is undoubtedly incredible but I really believe that we are causing more damage than benefit to our children. Communication levels are on the decrease and obesity is most certainly on the increase and that is down to the addictions our children have. There are just so many different forms of technology nowadays and almost all of them promote laziness. Gone are the days in which children played on their street for hours on end each and every day.

Things just aren’t the same and it is pretty sad to see, it is down to you as parents to make the changes we almost certainly need. It just isn’t fun watching your kids get fat and not be able to speak or make friends,

I know that sounds exaggerated but that is where we are heading. Think back to when you were young, iPad’s didn’t exist and nor did any of the other devices that now exist.

You didn’t turn out badly did you? I am just fear that our children are just going to become robotic and addicted to the internet.

This article will explore where the future of our children’s playtime is heading and what the main benefits of a non-electric method of learning are.

Be Active

Get your children active, in the past there was no better thing than letting your kids play out in front of your home with other neighbors, that just doesn’t happen anymore. I appreciate that crime has risen dramatically in recent years and it just isn’t as safe anymore but parents need to just take the plunge and watch over their kids.

I appreciate we all work and it is hard to find time but I can’t overstate the importance of this time in a child’s life. These are the bonds and life skills that stick with them through school and they cannot be taught, they must be practically learnt and it is up to you as parents to ensure that it happens.

Get some football boots and hit the local park with your young lad, it isn’t hard and the benefits can be vast and wide ranging.

Spend Cash Simply

There are a lot of things you can spend cash on that aren’t electrical and thus can help your child flourish. A Girl For All Time sell educational dolls that would make a brilliant present for your child and can help them learn and develop as they play. We live in such an advanced world but I really don’t like how everything is electronic nowadays.

Children are fundamentally getting fatter and getting lazier and it has to stop now before it goes too far.


Make sure you talk with your children and let them talk to other children, this is the only way they are going to learn about the way of life. It is very easy to buy and iPad and lock your child away with the Wi-Fi password but that is just immoral and wrong, no matter how busy your working life is.

Tom is an author with wide ranging industry experience. He has written for some high profile companies and loves to write advisory articles aimed at an adult audience