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68914Your Digital Life

What is digitalization? I know what you have in mind; Conversion of analogue data to digital data. No, what I mean in this concept is the evolution of technology. Life is being made easier each and every day by the innovative species of human, only God knows what next is in for a surprise. Talking of modernization, were you born during the era when every time you wanted to open a bottle or a jar you had to run it under water, banging them on the counter or may be ask for help from someone else?

If you are part of that generation then you should be somewhere trying to plan an engagement party for your twenty seven year old son or maybe you have a grandson somewhere in Italy you don’t know from your twenty four year old naughty daughter who migrated to Europe when she was twenty one to go study but unfortunately messed up while trying to extort money famously known as ‘gold digging’ from some rich boy in campus.

What comes to your mind when you hear someone talking about a jar? For a drunkard, he will definitely think of his favorite night club or rather that small bar at the corner of the street in the neighborhood where he goes every Friday to drink himself up then stagger all the way home and throws himself on top of the bed with his dirty shoes on just to wake up on Saturday midday with a terrible hangover and  all he has to do is take a cold shower to feel much better, I just have a passionate hate for cold water, the chilling feeling  makes me want to quit taking showers, thank goodness someone thought of hot showers; I can spend the whole day in a hot shower without caring about the consequences it comes with, all the dermatologists’ advice that hot water strips of the oil from your hair and your skin does not have an impact on me but you better take care if you really love your skin.

Talking Of Jars

Have you ever gone to a restaurant at midday to get a cold drink because the sun is so hot and you are thirsty to death but you can’t take the drink because you are unable to open the bottle? It’s devastating and if you got a temper you might even find yourself giving the guy sitting on the next table a piece of your mind because all this time you have been trying to take off the bottle cap he has been looking at you and wondering why you are mad over a mere bottle; human beings don’t understand it, at times small things can piss you off. If you love adapting to a modern life then I bet you won’t visit a restaurant that doesn’t have a jar opener, which is so weird since the better generation is trying to use an automatic one rather than a manual opener.

Manual openers can be used for different purposes other than opening jars; you can use them to remove stuck lights bulbs, use for extra grip to help remove the oil filter in a car, holding hot or cold drinks and even holding your phone when you have slippery hands. Too many benefits, right? You got to have one for yourself but you can also consider getting an automatic one for yourself, it’s so simple to use it and it doesn’t need a lot of care. This is what I call going the digital way, we all need it.

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