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Early Milestones in a Baby’s Life

PrintHaving a baby is a joyous time in any person’s life and watching your child grow up is even more special. The first two years of a baby’s life are especially precious as you get to take in every moment with your child and watch him or her achieve various developmental milestones. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with these physical and cognitive milestones so that you know when they are reached and if you need to talk with a pediatrician about the process. From the time a baby is born until it reaches three months of age, he or she will begin to focus on moving objects such as the faces of caregivers. Your baby will also begin to differentiate between the taste of foods, the differences in pitch and volume, and colors. You can learn more about what you can expect from your baby’s first two years in the infographic below.

David Cormier is a designer for Cord Advantage, who are leading the way in affordable cord blood banking.