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Chores That Need Doing Over The Summer Holiday

Nursery-Rocker and Changing TableThe weather has suddenly got nice. No, we never thought it would happen either, but here it is. This means we’ve all got a chance to relax, chill out and maybe go on holiday. The only trouble is that for the last six months every window and door in your home has been bolted shut with the heating turned up to maximum and you hiding inside.

In other words, putting this as nicely as possible. It’s started to stink a bit. Fortunately this is the perfect opportunity to get everything nice and shiny again.

Beat the rugs

Yes, I’m sure you hoover your house regularly, but even hovering tends to kick up big clouds of dust that settle right back down again. If you’ve got rugs, this is the perfect opportunity to take them out into the garden and give them a solid beating until they’re dust free. Be prepared to be horrified as the dust billows out of your rug in great dark clouds, like an evil spirit being released.


Look at your massive piles of stuff. How much of that stuff do you really need? No, honestly. Alongside a good in and out clean of your house, the summer is a great opportunity to take all your unwanted rubbish out to a carboot sale. Spend an afternoon sitting in a sunny field eating a burger from the back of a van, and sell that rubbish on to other people who will think they’ve found a bargain. This not only frees up space in your home, it can also earn you some extra cash. Just try not to accidentally spend it on new clutter.

Open All the Doors and Windows

You’ll be surprised just how much of a difference this makes, but one thing to do during the summer is get some real air circulation in your home. Open every door and window. Turn your downstairs landing into a wind tunnel. Get all the old air blown out and refreshing new air blown in. Try not to spend too long wondering just what that smell the air is blowing out actually comes from.

Clean the Windows

One thing you may have noticed about the summer is the giant ball of flame that has suddenly appeared in the sky. Do not be alarmed, that is supposed to be there. However, as well as heat, the giant sky fire also brings light, and the light shows up things you may not have noticed before. For instance, when passing through what you previously thought was a completely transparent pane of glass, sunlight can reveal that your windows are actually covered in fingerprints, dust, and occasionally, some bird poo.

Whether you decide to get out there with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge, or call in some professionals is up to you, although if you mess up you can end up with nasty smear marks across the glass. Another advantage of calling in professionals is that they’re the one working at the top of a step ladder, which is a good thing if you’re the clumsier sort.

One all these tasks are complete, your house will look pristine. Then you can abandon it for a week while you go on holiday!

Sam Wright is a freelance writer who works with Diamond Cleaning and keeps a very clean home.