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Child’s Play- Four Tips For Acing Maternity Photo Sessions

If you are expecting a child, you know just how exciting this time can be for a family. Many mothers turn to photographers to capture their pregnancy with maternity photos. Not only do these photos freeze-frame that time in your life of excitement and wonder, but they also create a memory that you can show to your family for years to come.

Maternity photo sessions can be intimidating for many women. You might worry that you are going to be seen in an unflattering light. However, if you select a portrait outlet with experienced staff and photographers, this worry should fade away instantly. The expectant mother should look and feel at her best in these photographs. In order to show off your special glow and the anticipation of your growing family at a photo session, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. Schedule your maternity photo session at your best time of day.

Pregnancy can be exhausting and fatiguing on the body. With each passing month, you come to know what points in the day you are at your best. Your photo session should be scheduled during the part of the day when you feel at your most energetic and brightest. If you aren’t feeling well the day of a photo session, it is best to reschedule for another day. If you fight through discomfort, it will only show up in your photographs, distracting from the whole point of maternity portraits.

  1. Seek comfort in your outfit.

Expectant mothers need to feel natural and comfortable in their portraits. If you wear an outfit that you don’t feel comfortable in, it will show up in your photographs. You need to select an outfit in which you feel at your best and most beautiful. Many mothers decide to go with formfitting outfits in order to show off the baby bump for the photographer. It is also a good idea to bring several different outfits to your photo session in case you aren’t feeling comfortable about your selected outfit. Several options for outfits will also allow you to create multiple looks for your photo session. As is the case with all photographs, you should keep your outfit simple and classic and avoid overpowering patterns.

  1. Keep it personal with props.

Maternity photo sessions can be fun with the addition of various props. Props help make a maternity shoot more personal. If you have your old baby items like booties or a bib, they can tell a story through the photographer’s lens. Other mothers bring in their ultrasound photos to use with their portrait to show the progression of pregnancy and the miracle of life.

  1. Don’t forget about Dad.

The mother is always the focus of the maternity photos. However, that doesn’t mean you should forget about Dad. The father should be incorporated into a few frames. In fact, your photo studio might even recommend that Dad be present for the session, even if you just want maternity photos with the mother. The baby’s father can help put the mother at ease and increase comfort levels in the process.

Maya gave birth to a son just a few months ago. During her pregnancy, she and her husband were eager to capture that miraculous and special time in their lives, so they arranged for a maternity photo shoot. She thinks this is a great idea for all expectant families, as it is a beautiful way to capture a magical moment.-17