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6 Unique Twists On The Traditional Baby Shower

Baby ShowerYou’ve got a good friend who’s expecting, and you’d like to throw her a baby shower. But let’s be honest: most baby showers are basically the same. And when people try to get creative, it’s just different decorations on the same theme. If you want to give the mom-to-be and her guests an awesome, unforgettable party, you need to think far outside the diaper box.

Try these unique twists on the traditional baby shower:

1. Chocolate/Cheese Tasting

Wine-tasting parties are fun, but they tend to exclude expecting mothers, teens and older kids. Why not choose some fun edibles that everyone can enjoy? Offer up a chocolate tasting party or cheese tasting party (or both). Invite guests to bring a brick of their favorite chocolate and cheese. Hide labels from view, and encourage everyone to try each one and make comments. Then, reveal the manufacturers.

2. Mocktail Party

Hard alcohol is another thing that Mom is probably missing out on right now. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t mix her a drink! Consider a fun “mocktail” party. Come up with a few mixed drinks that will taste great with or without alcohol. Then have all the guests learn how to mix them and enjoy picking up a new skill. Drinking games optional.

3. Shower Mom

Baby shower or no, your friend is about to be drowning in gifts for baby. What about gifts for her? If this is her first child, she probably has no idea what she is in for. But many of her friends and relatives know the experience all too well. Host a “mom shower,” where the guests bring gifts that will help the mom-to-be get through the first year. It might be a coupon for a massage, a gift card for take out, a pedicure, or some good movies for those long, late nights.

4. Photo Shoot

Photographers know that taking pictures of newborns, infants and toddlers is very different from other people. How do you get the right angles and lighting with a simple point-and-shoot camera? Hire a photographer who specializes in newborns to come to the party and give a short seminar on the subject. As an added plus, you might take up a collection among the party attendees to buy the guest of honor a new camera to take pictures of her little one.

5. Bring Sexy Back

If you have had a child, then you know what it does to your time in the bedroom. What used to be hot and heavy is now just hot, and not in a good way. Mom is probably worried about what labor and delivery, not to mention the added presence of a newborn, will do to her relationship with her partner. Think about throwing a party that celebrates this milestone, instead of shoving it under the rug. Have the guests regale her with tales and advice about getting her mojo back.

6. Crock It

In the early weeks, your friend will be wondering where her next meal is going to come from. Get her set with a party focused on filling her freezer with easy-to-prepare meals. You can keep it simple by asking her friends and family to bring a frozen meal she can take home. Or if you are more enterprising, have them contribute a specific ingredient, and use the party time to put together meals for her.

The old baby shower format is old, and can be somewhat boring. Put down the diaper pins and baby food, and pick up these ideas instead. You’ll throw a party that the participants will be dying to attend, and help set up the expecting mother for her new life.

Nicole writes about the latest in party planning. She loves coming up with unique party and shower ideas that will surprise and entertain guests. Her favorite gifts to give expectant mothers are Boxd Baby Gift Hampers.