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4D Ultrasound Scanning and Pregnancy

pregnent ultrasound test 14D ultrasound (fourth-dimensional) is the latest ultrasound technology allowing you to take 3D ultrasound images with the added element of taking live action movies (4D) of your unborn child. This allows you to see how your little one is moving and developing in all 3 planes. Between 28-36 weeks one will be able to identify the baby’s features in more detail as a fat layer fills the skeletal appearance.

3D images taken from a 4D scan can also visually clarify or determine the baby’s gender and heartbeat. These scans display the entire volume of the baby which is being examined, making it possible to analyze the tissue concerned. It further allows doctors and sonographers to analyze fetal motion, visualize the internal anatomy in every direction and perform exams previously unavailable.

The old way of scanning (2D images) requires a trained sonographer or a doctor to identify features and body parts of the fetus and the pictures are often very grainy. One of the many benefits of the new sophisticated 4D scanning is that it also assists doctors in determining and confirming any abnormalities whereas 2D scans only indicates a problem. Conventional 2-D imaging requires a precise plane to observe the unborn baby but, new techniques allow practitioners to freely rotate 3-D images of the scanned fetus within a stored volume.

2D Ultrasounds are ordered by a physician at certain intervals during pregnancy and is usually performed at a clinic, doctors office or at an ultrasound imaging center. However, 4D ultrasounds do not require a doctor’s order and are often done at a private ultrasound business, where they specialize in doing 4D ultrasounds. The procedure is non-invasive and takes about twenty minutes to complete. Upon completion of the scan the mom-to-be is given a DVD with quality still images as well as a video of her moving baby. These images and videos of the unborn baby can be sent to family and friends via email which allows grandma and grandpa to join in with the excitement of this special time or it can also be printed to be kept in an album or baby book.

  • Determining fetal age
  • Analyzing fetal development
  • Evaluating multiple and/or high-risk pregnancies
  • Detecting fetal abnormalities
  • Detecting structural problem with uterus
  • Detecting placental abnormalities
  • Detecting abnormal bleeding
  • Determining ectopic pregnancy and other abnormalities of pregnancy
  • Detecting ovarian tumor/fibroids
  • Locating the placenta

Pregnancy is an exciting time for every mother from the first time of meeting their baby till the time they actually hold the pair of little feet in your hands. A 4d ultrasound scan provides live video footage of the baby’s movements, developments and the baby’s heartbeat. Still images are the taken from this scan, also giving you 3d ultrasound images to take home with your movie of the unborn baby.

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4D Ultrasound Scanning and Pregnancy

By Desiree’ Nel