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10 Great Gifts For Expecting Mothers

3 Tier Baby Boy  Diaper CakeIf a friend or loved one of yours is expecting, you’ll want to get her a stylish gift that will make pregnancy even more enjoyable. Whether you’re presenting the present at a baby shower or simply want to give your pregnant friend a “just because” gift, these items are sure to brighten any expectant mother’s day. Here are 10 gifts to choose from.

1. Maternity Compression Clothing: Tights, pants and tank tops made from material that slims the figure and provides comfort for pregnant women make practical and thoughtful gifts. You can find these clothing pieces at stores like Preggers by Therafirm and Old Navy offer stylish compression garments for affordable prices.

2. BabyPing: This gift will certainly come in handy when the baby is born. BabyPing is an advanced form of the baby monitor that you use with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can see your baby clearly, and there are cry sensors in the program that will immediately let you know if your baby is crying, even when you’re performing other functions on your device. BabyPing can also serve as a nanny cam, so your loved one can keep an eye on her little one when she leaves the infant with a babysitter.

3. A Prenatal Massage: Get your relative a gift certificate to receive a free massage from a professional. Massages do wonders to relieve tension in the muscles and joints during pregnancy. A massage can also increase mental clarity and reduce stress. Make sure that the person administering the massage has experience with pregnant clients, as massaging the wrong pressure points on an expectant mother could lead to complications or even premature labor.

4. A Spa Certificate: What pregnant woman doesn’t love to be pampered? Give the gift of a spa service or two to your friend to help her relax while pregnant. A facial or pedicure can boost the mood, and a trip to the spa provides a change of scenery for a pregnant woman spending most of her time at home.

5. At Home Spa Gifts: Scented bath gels, aromatherapy oils, lotions and bath salts make great baby shower presents. Oils like lavender and chamomile are especially relaxing, while lemon balm and bergamot help to boost energy. These gifts allow the expectant recipient to have a spa day right at home.

6. A Photo Shoot: Have a professional photographer come to your friend’s home and give her a photo shoot to showcase her pregnancy. The pictures will serve as a heartfelt reminder of this special time in her life. You can even use the photos to help put together a scrapbook showcasing all the special moments that the two of you have shared as friends, including the milestone of your loved one’s pregnancy.

7. Quality Pillows: Large pillows that provide comfort and support are well-appreciated gifts to an expectant mother. A V-shaped pillow fits around the stomach or the neck, making sitting and lying down more comfortable, especially during the last few months of pregnancy. These pillows can be purchased at discount department stores like Target, or online from stores like

8. Massagers or Specialty Chairs: A chair that will massage the joints and muscles at home means your expectant loved one can get a massage any time. A small device that will massage the neck and back, or a chair that soothes the muscles in the entire body is a gift a pregnant mom can appreciate even after the baby is born.

9. Relaxation CDs: CDs that play relaxing music or nature sounds can help pregnant women relax, especially during bath time, or while taking a nap. You can even add a few scented candles to the gift, or give a spa gift certificate with the CD for a themed present that promotes tranquility.

10. A Baby Gift Basket: Fill a large, decorative basket with items that will benefit both mother and baby. Small books of classic fairy tales, cloth diapers, and bath toys make great gifts for the basket, along with pre- and post-natal exercise videos and gourmet teas that promote lactation and relaxation are appropriate to put in the basket as well.

These are just some of the gifts that your pregnant family member will appreciate; many of these items can be used well after the baby is delivered. Happy shopping!

Jessica Hubbard works as an midwife and loves sharing her knowledge to help expecting mothers have a smooth pregnancy.  She recommends learning more about maternity compression clothing at