Are Postnatal Courses The Right Thing?

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More napping.Becoming a parent is both an exciting and daunting time, especially when it’s your first baby. And while it won’t provide a set of answers or magic solutions to the challenges that lie ahead as your baby develops, doing a postnatal course can be incredibly helpful and make things appear less scary and more manageable.

A postnatal course is designed to illuminate the wonders of parenthood and often covers such topics as sleep, teething, development and crying. They provide an opportunity to ask questions and find out more – as well as to meet other new mums in the area and make friends.


Throughout pregnancy, you may choose to read several books on parenthood. However, while these may help you get your head around many of the topics and issues of having a baby, they’re of limited use when it comes to the day-to-day matters of looking after your newborn. As a new parent, there are things that crop up to do with health, wellbeing, development and more, that you probably hadn’t thought of before – and unless you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by friends and family with babies of a similar age as your little one, it can be hard making sense of it all.

On a postnatal course, you’ll be able to discuss baby-related topics with other parents who have babies of a similar age. You can access tips and different viewpoints, as well as make discoveries. For example, there are key baby topics that every parent faces a choice on such as breastfeeding, using a dummy and going to baby classes.

Similarly, if you’re feeling sleep deprived or constantly worrying about your baby’s feeding habits, discussing this with other parents in a relaxed yet structured way can really help.


Staying at home to care for your little one is undoubtedly a fantastic experience and privilege. But sometimes you need adult company too, even if it’s simply a natter about a television programme or sharing a joke about what pre-baby life was like. One of the major changes of entering parenthood is the difficulty of simple tasks such as leaving the house, going to the loo or making a cup of tea. Attending a course with others in a similar situation not only provides the chance to exchange funny stories but offers you the reassurance that you’re not alone.

On top of the benefits that being able to talk to others who are experiencing what you are provide, is the fact you can chat about non-baby things too. Having a conversation about adult things like work can be very refreshing, especially in the early days. And because you’re all in a similar situation courses make bonding with attendees that bit easier – many people make great friends on postnatal courses, with their babies growing up together.

Courses mean you should have a support group going forward, friends you can chat to when you’re worried or puzzled by your baby’s behaviour – or simply fancy a cup of tea and a slice of cake. This helps to ensure you can truly enjoy being a parent, as having friends reduces the stress and increases the fun of parenthood!

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