Having a Baby Without Health Insurance

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New LifeFinding health insurance that will cover maternity expenses is almost impossible. If you do find a plan, there are limits on the coverage, waiting periods before you can become pregnant and absurdly high fees to pay for the maternity rider.

Being well informed about your options can save you a bundle before you have your next “bundle of joy”.

The Maternity Coverage Exclusion

We hope that you take the time to read your health insurance policy before you become pregnant. If you do, you will probably find an exclusion for maternity expenses. This is true in almost every state. In some instances, maternity can be added to a plan when you purchase it. However, this is an expensive option and has its own set of rules and waiting periods.

You should be aware that most health insurance plans will cover complications to pregnancy. This generally means a c-section or other types of special delivery problems. If you have had a c-section before, any subsequent c-section will probably be excluded.

The Maternity Coverage Inclusion

Many, if not most health insurance carriers have dropped the ability to add a maternity rider to their plans. In those few instances where it is available, the cost is very high and there is often a 12 month wait before you can become pregnant. Plus, you must add the rider to the plan when you obtain it. You cannot put a maternity rider on afterwards.

Maternity Plan Alternatives

There are other ways to approach the problem of maternity insurance coverage.

  1. Use an advocacy service – We like on particular service that will negotiate directly with hospitals, doctors and labs for you. In some instances, they already have special rates available. There is a cost for this service, but in most instances they will save you a considerable amount on both pre-natal and delivery costs. You can call them directly to get a complete explanation of their package at 800-460-9178.
  1. Negotiate with the hospital yourself – You can call your local hospital and negotiate for a normal vaginal delivery or a c-section. The rates vary from hospital to hospital. Still, it is a lot better than passively waiting for a bill.
  1. Hospital Supplements – There are supplemental plans that will pay out a daily rate for hospitalization. One such plan will pay up to $3,000 for a two day stay for a normal delivery and $1,500 for each additional day after than. Combined with the advocacy service pricing, it might pay for most of your hospital expenses. We can give you a number of such plans. Use the box at the bottom of this article to contact us.

More Important Than Maternity Coverage

Maternity costs are pocket change compared to the costs of having a baby in a neo-natal unit.

I know that having a health insurance plan that would cover all of your maternity expenses would give you a lot of peace of mind. However, it is far more important that either the birth mother or the father have a major medical insurance plan.

If you have health insurance before you are pregnant, your baby can be put on your plan within 30 days of birth regardless of their health. I do not care if all you can afford is a $5,000 deductible no-frills plan. You must have health insurance before you get pregnant.

Here is another tip for you. When you put the newborn on your plan, call and send a registered letter (return receipt) to confirm it. One couple had the insurance company tell them that they had no record of anyone calling. The baby was in the hospital for more than a week and the bills were staggering.

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Author: Martin Unger

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