Educational Games To Play With Dolls

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Multicultural DollsDolls are a timeless toy that can bring a lot of joy to both girls and boys. Playing with dolls can be very beneficial to your child’s development and it is one toy that you should definitely provide for your child.

Children are generally quite good in coming up with imaginative games to play with toys and you rarely need to give them a hand. If you do find them bored on a rainy day or just want to give them some great educational ideas to play with then here are some of the best games to play with dolls.

Introduce Them To School

One of the best games to play with dolls is school. If you have a lot of dolls then you can use them as the pupils. When the child plays the teacher she or he can learn a lot of skills while teaching the doll students.

Playing school is simple. All you need is a blackboard or just a large sheet of white paper that your child can use to write on and draw the lessons on. You can gather the dolls on the floor in front of the blackboard or if you have enough chairs, sit them up on chairs.

If your child is already at school then playing school is a great way to do the homework and remember all the things they have learned.

Playing The Doctor

For younger children a great way to learn the body parts and develop their speaking skills is to play doctor with the dolls. It is a good way to get to know the human body and learn about health.

If your child is scared of going to the doctor or has the first dentist visit coming up then you can play the doctor game with dolls to ease the stress the child feels regarding the visit. When the child is able to play the visit on his or her own terms then the actual visit might not be so scary.

Create Your Own Doll Garden

If the weather is good then why not take all the dolls outside and organise your own garden for the dolls. This will let the child use their imagination and make a home and garden for the doll from scarce materials that they can find outside. You can look at some creative ideas from Let The Children Play’s website.

Playing with the dolls outside will allow the child to learn things about nature. They can, for instance, organise a treasure hunt for the dolls.

Organise A Tea Party

Your child can also organise a tea party for the dolls. This can be a good way to make the child clean and organise the playroom for instance. You can start by organising the room ready for the party and then your child can set the table ready. If you want you can even bake something together with your child for the tea party.

Dolls are really great toys that can provide a lot fun games for children to play. A Girl For All Time dolls are very good dolls to consider because they also come with novels and accessories that the child can use as part of the playtime.

Janet is a mother of two who loves to come up with new games that her children can play. She loves the nature and taking long walks with her dogs.

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