Common Baby Diapering Myths Debunked

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Baby on RugDiapers are an essential tool for babies. It is one of the most used baby product that helps keep a baby comfortable and reduce a mother’s load. However, there are also plenty of baby diapering myths. Here is a guide that will clear out these myths once and for all.

Myth # 1: You need to sprinkle baby powder on your baby’s bottom after every change.

Fact:No, you do not have to use powder on your baby’s skin. All diapers are very good at keeping babies dry. In fact, using baby powder especially talc puts your baby in danger of inhalation which can result to respiratory problems.

Myth # 2: A baby with a wet or soiled nappy should be changed within 20 minutes.

Fact:There is no 20-minute rule when it comes to changing a baby’s nappy. Both child health experts and mothers agree that each time a baby’s diaper gets wet or soiled, it should be changed immediately. But, if a baby wets his diaper while asleep, there is no need to rouse the baby to change his nappy.

Myth # 3: Bulky diapers can cause bowed legs.

Fact:There is no proof that bulky diapers can cause bowed legs. Bowed legs are common and normal in babies as this is a result of prenatal fetal position. It can also be caused by other conditions such as Blount’s disease (growth disorder of the shin bone) and Rickets (softening of bones due to a lack of calcium, phosphate and vitamin D).

Myth # 4: Diaper rash is abnormal.

Fact:A lot of people mistake this fiction as fact. But in reality, diaper rash is a normal part of being an infant. A baby’s bottom is very delicate, hence, exposure to the moisture of urine and stool and materials of the diaper can lead to diaper rash.

Myth # 5: Cloth diapering is complicated.

Fact:It is true that cloth diapers are tricky to use, but that was before. The advanced diaper technology has made cloth diapering easier now more than ever. Most cloth nappies in the market are equipped with stay-dry lining and Velcro and snap closures that make diapering as hassle-free as using disposable diapers.

Myth # 6: Cloth diapers are unhygienic.

Fact:This myth is absolutely not true. As a matter of fact, this type is more hygienic than the disposable type. This diaper contain no chemical and although you have to change your baby’s diapers more often, chances of getting a rash are reduced. In addition, waste from cloth diapers infiltrates the same sewage system as waste from the toilet and is treated in a sanitary process while waste from disposable nappies accumulate in landfills and contaminates the land for generations to come.

Myth # 7: Diapers have to be toilet-dunked.

Fact:This is an age-old belief. Diapers do not need to be toilet-dunked. Cloth nappies can be easily cleaned in a washing machine or by taking them to a diaper service. Disposable diapers are disposed by using the velcro or straps to wrap the diaper, putting them in a diaper disposal container and once it needs to be emptied, you will have to put them in your outdoor garbage can.

There will be a lot of information, advices and suggestions you will receive about baby diapering from your well-meaning mom, grandma, aunt and friends. But, it is up to you to know the truth so you can separate myth from reality.

Common Baby Diapering Myths Debunked

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