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Vocabulary & Black History flashcards (Melanin Origins)Black History Flashcards

Melanin Origins flashcard sets includes ethnic groups, people, and empires that are of native or Melanin origins.

  • Melanin Origins flashcard set created to educate children on the diversity among leaders of Native origins and the African diaspora
  • Background for all flashcards are different shades of melanin as a tribute to the diversity found within different cultures
  • DOES NOT include the 5 persons of African descent found in the Standard set.
  • Includes pronunciation of the names of leader’s and other terms through out the text.
  • Includes different ethnic groups, nations, and people from all over the World who have African or Native history
  • Includes 25 flashcards with 100+ word bank vocabulary terms
  • Included is a “Kid’s flashcard” which allows your child to include themselves as a leader among the list. Our Kid’s flashcard has an area to place your child’s photo and space for your child to write how they are a leader as well
  • Highlights the unique characteristics of each person in this set, teaching children how to self-identify with the leader within themselves
  • Improve reading comprehension by reading vocabulary terms found within the paragraph biographies on the back of cards
  • Children will learn the history of World leaders from different backgrounds and the social changes they caused
  • Vibrant, playful images for each leader keeps child engaged with finding the story behind the photos
  • Flashcard set intended for children ages 7 yrs. old & up.
  • Parents are encouraged to review the flashcards and further research the leaders with their children
  • FREE PDF is sent once fulfillment has been marked for order with more info on the persons, ethnic groups, nations, etc. of this set

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