4 Most Common Reasons Why A Baby Cries

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2706107657_45423d2a7bThe baby has been fed, his diaper dried and he seems rested. So, what is with his sudden whimper? Though baby’s tears seem perplexing, there is always a reason for it. Babies do cry for varied reasons and they use crying to communicate and tell people their emotions and needs. Thus, it is important to understand, especially for parents, what is behind their baby’s sobs. The following are four of some of the very common ones so that you can refer to the list if your baby is crying and get the chance to do something that can help.

1. Hunger

It was just a few minutes after his last meal, and you are quite definite it is not time for another meal. Or are you sure? If the baby goes through a spurt, it might mean he is hungry. The growth spurt usually occurs when the baby is between two to six weeks old and three to six months, and would last for about two days, said New York City lactation consultant Melissa Nagin. Most parents would think about hunger as the first reason when the baby cries and it is important to have the right feeding schedule before he gets hungry. Here are some hunger-related signs to watch – smacking of lips, fussing, putting hands on the mouth and rooting, which is turning their head towards the hand that strokes their cheek. If you really suspect his hunger, put him in a stroller or a sling for a walk. If he calms down or falls asleep, then he is not hungry at all; but if he still cries or screams, you already have to feed him. Furthermore, there is no such thing as overfeeding with babies.

2. Tummy Trouble

If the baby’s tummy hurts or in trouble, he cries; and there are plenty of reasons why – gas buildup, constipation, colic, milk allergy or a reflux wherein food contents splash from the stomach back to the esophagus. Colic causes inconsolable minimum of three hours crying a day, three days a week or three consecutive days. This can also happen when the baby cries after feeding.

3. Discomfort

When the baby feels discomfort, he cries. Discomforts can be caused by overdressing, dirty diaper or when being pinched. When they feel uncomfortable such as getting sweaty or hot, they cry. It is possible that he gets a loose thread or hair around his finger or toe, blocking circulation and causing swelling, pain and tissue damage. Or he may be irritated by a zipper, label, car seat belt or a stroller strap. Even extreme hot or cold temperature can already cause discomfort. Uncomfortable positions or bad posture that keep him from moving freely are some of the reasons too.

4. Sleepy or Tired

It may seem easy for babies to fall asleep but that is not mostly the case. When they are sleepy or tired, some babies fuss, get cranky or cry. Too much noise, bright light or commotion in a coffee shop, party, a mall or even too many toys can overwhelm the baby, causing him to reach the breaking point.

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